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This website has the function of user submission. If a user's submitted content infringes on your rights, please contact us.


This website does not sell any cracked or pirated software, nor does it create any cracked or pirated software. All file sharing on this website comes from the internet or user submissions, and copyright disputes are not related to this website. These files are for learning and research purposes only, and we will not use them for any commercial or illegal purposes. We may overlook the review of documents submitted by users, but we have informed them that we do not guarantee the accuracy and feasibility of the content. The risks associated with using the content on this website are borne by the users themselves and are not related to this website. For files used for learning and research purposes, we also remind downloaders to delete them within 24 hours after downloading.

Extract from the Computer Software Protection Regulations

According to Article 17 of the Computer Software Protection Regulations on January 1, 2002, if a software is used through installation, display, transmission, or storage in order to learn and study the design ideas and principles contained in the software, it may be used without the permission of the software copyright owner and without payment of remuneration.Contact Us

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If this website infringes on your rights, please bring proof of rights and contact us. We will handle and adjust it as soon as we receive your notification.

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